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Get the lactation support you need.

Breastfeeding is hard, but we can help! Your breastfeeding success story starts now. Honeysuckle Lactation Consultants serves Raleigh, NC and surrounding towns.

How we can help

Your situation is unique, and finding a solution that works best for you and your little one is what we do best!  We work with The Lactation Network to provide clients with up to 6 FREE consultations but also work with those not covered to find the best solution for your needs! We specialize in topics including:

Latch & Positioning

Painful & Sore Breast/Nipples

Supplementation and Bottle Feeding

Milk Supply Concerns

Weight Concerns

Pumping and Flange Sizing

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Meet our Founder

Sam Vitabile, owner and IBCLC, started her career as a nurse in a mother baby unit working in postpartum care. While working with families in the hospital setting, she quickly realized there is a gap in postpartum and breastfeeding care once discharged.

Sam has made it her goal to help bridge this gap to help mothers feel more comfortable and confident in their breastfeeding and postpartum journey!

"No mom should feel that breastfeeding support is hard to find. It's our team's mission to help them succeed in their goals!"

Sam Vitabile

Owner / BSN, RN, IBCLC
IBCLC Certified

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide support and guidance to navigate the wonderful but sometimes challenging journey of breastfeeding. We believe that every mother deserves access to compassionate, evidence-based lactation care, and we are committed to empowering you to achieve your breastfeeding goals. Through personalized care and education, we will help you build confidence, overcome obstacles, and thrive as a new mother.

Our Mission

Customer testimonials

Sam is supportive, knowledgeable and listens to your problems and needs. My son had difficulty latching and I had pain for the first few months. Sam helped with position changes and latching which eliminated my pain completely. She also helped seamlessly transition from breast to bottle when I needed to return to work. I loved the support she gave and I will definitely be working with her for the 2nd baby!

Sydney D.

Apex, NC

I could not recommend Honeysuckle LC more!  When it came to going back to work, Sam was able help me transition from breastfeeding to bottle feeding in just a couple appointments.  My son was not taking to the bottle well, but Sam help us figure out a different method to get him accustom to it. Additionally, I had pain when using my breast pump, but she was able to show me methods via a video call to help resolve all my issues.

Hannah B.

Middletown, NJ

Sam helped me so much in my breastfeeding journey with my little girl! As a first time breastfeeding mom, she helped me gain the confidence I needed to be successful. My little one had a posterior tongue tie and Sam helped me try different positions in order for us to figure out what position worked best for us. She is knowledgeable, patient, and very approachable! I can’t thank Sam enough for all the support and encouragement!

Kris J.

Benson, NC

I had issues with my milk supply for my little girl that led to some weight concerns. Honeysuckle was quickly able to figure out the root cause being that my milk supply just wasn’t enough.  While hard, we came up with a plan to supplement with formula.  I can’t thank Sam enough, she made a disappointing situation more comfortable and helped me understand what was best for my baby. Since our appointment, my little one is back to normal weight and doing great.

Taylor G.

Raleigh, NC

Sam was knowledgeable and compassionate during our lactation consultation. Having her come visit me in my home when my son was 6 days old and we were struggling to breastfeed was beyond helpful. Sam provided clear guidance on achieving a good latch, she was able to help alleviate pain while breastfeeding. I would highly recommend her lactation consulting services.

Courtney J.

Holly Springs, NC

Sam was a great lactation consultant.  She took the time to get to know me and my baby and listened to my wants out of my breastfeeding journey.  Sam was attentive and knowledgeable and was able to help me with a few issues I had with breastfeeding.  I felt that she understood my concerns and treated me person instead of just another patient.  If you are considering using a lactation consultant, get in contact with Honeysuckle, they are the best!

Amanda F.

Philadelphia, PA

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