"Beth was a lifesaver for us! My little one was born early and breastfeeding did not come easily for us. Beth was very knowledgeable, supportive and very patient. Her clinical knowledge combined with her compassionate nature make her a real gem. She is the real deal and her passion for her work shines through:)"  

-Amy Leslie, D.C.

"Beth is the reason I’m at 1.5 years of breastfeeding my daughter. After bringing her home, Beth gave me advice and tools on how to make sure my daughter was eating enough while recovering from being in the NICU where she was mainly bottle-fed while my supply came in. I was also recovering from a c-section. She was patient and thorough as we troubleshooted  methods to see which my daughter responded to best. Beth took every frantic call and answered every text with ease. She also recommended we see a specialist about a possible tongue-tie and took the time to consult over the phone with our pediatrician during an office visit to make sure we were all clear and confident that my daughter’s needs were fully met. My husband and I can’t thank Beth enough for helping us with all the benefits of breastfeeding, including the special bond we share that we worked so hard on together." 

-Heather Odden

"Beth has been an amazing support from initial contact to a year postpartum. The time, effort, empathy, and love she pours into her work with mothers, fathers, and babies is beyond anything that could be expected. Beth does not judge, guilt, or make any part of the parenting process harder than it already is- she only uplifts and supports with unconditional love. Beth is amazing." -Lacey Nichols

"My breastfeeding relationship with my son wouldn't have lasted more than a few weeks without Beth. He had a terrible latch, and I was so frustrated with the pain and his fussiness that I was ready to throw in the towel. She came to my home - immediately washed her hands - and went to work coming up with a solution. She noticed quickly that my son had tongue and lip ties, and pointed me in the direction of professionals that could help repair them quickly. I'll always be thankful for her support and knowledge."-Bethany Fast